Reliable VoIP solutions for  Smarter Businesses


1.We offer landlines to make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls.
2.Business landlines can connect to our Cloud Hosted Pbx or an onsite IP Pbx.
3.Calls on iConnectnet iConnectnet VoIP lines are billed at per second from the first second.
4.iConnectnet lines do not need a physical cable to work the Lines are wireless and work all over South Africa.
5.Transfer Existing Numbers – Getting up and running on your existing numbers is a simple process of porting your number across to our platform. We help you with this process to ensure its quick and easy.
6.New Telephone Numbers – New company or looking to start with a new telephone number?
7.No problem, we can provide you with a selection of telephone numbers to choose from. You can choose geographical numbers or generic 087, it’s up to you.
8.Music on Hold – or choose to play an audio/music recording of your choice.


Reduce your call costs VoIP for Home is a leading residential VoIP service that’s been designed to offer all the features of traditional telephones at a fraction of the cost. With VoIP Home there’s no contract, low line rental, and industry leading call rates. Cut your call costs and join the VoIP evolution today!


Pre-paid With the basic Single User Pre-paid VoIP package, we provide you with a single telephone number in the local area code of your choice and the facility to connect an Internet VoIP phone or app to this. This will allow a single user the ability to make and receive calls to their chosen number.*Included as standard are Voicemail-to-Email and Call Forwarding.