Business Line Flexibility – iConnectnet VoIP lines work with any IP Pbx or iConnectnet Hosted/Cloud Pbx.



Reasons Why iConnectnet VoIP Is The Best Choice

1.Latest Technology – We offer high-end solutions at affordable prices.
2.Reduce Cost of Current Bill – Guaranteed monthly savings off up to 35% with our VoIP.
3.Low Call Rates – Calls from 0.32c per minute, charged at pure per second.
4.Connect Multiple Branches/Sites – Free interbranch calls
5.Mobile Application – Makes calls on your landline from your smart phone / laptop, great tool for staff that work remotely.
6.Live Call Viewing – All clients can view calls history and cost via web-based client portal.
7.Call Forwarding – Call forwarding is a standard feature, never miss an incoming call during power failure or use as and when required.
8.Free Offsite Support – online, telephonic, WhatsApp and email support available.
9.Business Line Flexibility – iConnectnet lines work with any IP Pbx or iConnectnet Hosted/Cloud Pbx.
10.No Downtime Due to Cable Theft – iConnectnet Lines are wireless.
11.No Engaged Lines- Free call hunting with more than one user is a standard feature.
12.Number Porting – Keep your existing landline number, we will port your existing landline number into our network.
13.Nationwide Footprint – iConnectnet Service is available in all provinces.
14. Budget Friendly Equipment – We have a variety of phones to choose from.
15. Hardware Payment Options – Rental or Cash options available on Hardware
16. Different Account Options – Prepaid or Post-paid.
17. Call Rate flexibility – Call rates are negotiable with high volume users.
18. All in One Solution Provider – We offer multiple products: Fibre, LTE, CCTV, Printers, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Server and Bulk Sms.
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